Your Spring Donations: MATCHED!


By Denise Bitz, Founder and President

Each spring, we begin to see a sharp increase in the number of kittens and puppies being surrendered to us or found as strays in our community and surrounding areas. Last year alone, we rescued 753 puppies and a staggering 1,311 kittens! While each of these babies are incredibly cute, caring for them is very expensive!

We hope that you will help us help these vulnerable animals by renewing your annual support of Brother Wolf. As you know, we receive no government funding and therefore depend on the support of friends like you to make our lifesaving work possible.

This year, we are excited to announce that

all spring donations will be MATCHED up to $60,000!

Matching donor, Matt, has been an animal lover his whole life, often welcoming stray animals into his home and family. “The animals in my life have made me a much better person,” he says. “They have taught me compassion and love.”

With each dollar being matched, your generous donation will be stretched to make sure each animal we rescue this year has their best chance to heal and find a loving forever home.

Animals like Daisy need your help. She came to us in 2015 from our local county shelter who didn’t have the resources to address her behavioral challenges. You see, Daisy had been badly abused during her life, which had caused her to be nervous around new people, to guard resources like food and toys, and to have handling sensitivities.

Some animals need a lot of time and patience to overcome traumas, and Daisy has been able to heal at her own pace while safe in our care. Since she has been with us, she has worked closely with our Behavior and Enrichment team to become more trusting of people and to learn the skills she needs to live happily and safely in her future home.

Our Adoption and Behavior teams are working together to find the perfect home for Daisy. Once she finds the right one, we’ll continue to provide behavioral support to her and her new family to make sure they are set up for success.

Thank you for helping us give her a second chance at life!

Speaking of second chances, Lefty, a cow at our Sanctuary, got his when Brother Wolf purchased the land he and his family were living on and we made a deal with the owners that the cows wouldn’t lose their home in the process. Due to a lack of positive human interaction, Lefty was very undersocialized when we met him. We knew we had to help him and the other cows become more comfortable around humans — both so they’d feel safe around Sanctuary visitors and to make administering veterinary care easier.

We started with sitting near him as he ate, offering him food from our hands. By simply allowing him to get used to our presence, he slowly began to realize humans weren’t as scary as he once thought.

Next, we began using clicker training to encourage him to touch the end of a long stick with his nose. When he touched the end of the stick, he received a tasty treat. Once he associated the stick with something positive, he became willing to follow it around. With the help of the clicker, we’re now able to lead him without having to touch him, which has created a more comfortable situation for all.

Clicker training is also a great way to keep Lefty physically and mentally active. Cows are very intelligent creatures with excellent memories, so it’s important to keep them stimulated with activities like this. A cow living at an animal sanctuary like ours can live for up to 30 years!

No matter the species, our team is always using tried-and-true methods as well as thinking up creative new ways to keep our animals happy and healthy — both physically and mentally.

Won’t you renew your support today to help animals like Lefty receive the Uncompromised Compassion they deserve?

Then there is a cat named Aphrodite, who was found abandoned in a crate overnight outside a local veterinary clinic with a severe eye infection and a leg injury.

Luckily, the veterinary staff knew to call us. We quickly found a foster home and began making plans to get her the urgent care she needed, which included surgery to remove her infected eye and a procedure to help heal her broken leg.

Because of the outpouring of support from animal lovers like you, Aphrodite is now recovering in one of our loving foster homes and will soon be healthy enough to find her forever family.

On behalf of our staff, fosters, volunteers, and the hundreds of animals in our care, THANK YOU for making this life saving work possible.

Please consider becoming a member of our Compassionate Circle program today, or renewing your annual membership. Your recurring donation will help us stay best prepared year-round to help animals like Daisy, Lefty, and Aphrodite get the behavioral and medical care they need to live long, happy lives.






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