Wonder Finds a Wonder-ful Family

By Eva Cruz-Schultz, Henderson County Chapter Manager

Earlier this month, a Henderson County Officer received a call about an injured cat who had been seen hobbling along the side of a road in Flat Rock, NC. Wonder (named for the fact that it’s a wonder he survived!) was brought to the Henderson County Animal Shelter, where his injuries were assessed before he was rushed to a local veterinarian. During his 3-day stay, the vet staff said he was one of the sweetest cats they had ever met, and even purred despite a severe leg injury. He had been suffering for 1-2 weeks and was clearly relieved to be safe.

The animal shelter’s Director reached out to Brother Wolf’s Henderson County chapter for help getting Wonder the medical treatment he needed. In Brother Wolf’s care, it was determined that his leg would need to be amputated due to the fact that his wounds had become necrotic.

His surgery went smoothly, and Wonder is adapting well to three-legged life. He remains a trusting, loving, and happy cat despite all he has gone through.

Brother Wolf chapters depend solely on donations from our communities to care for animals like Wonder. We reached out for help, and the support we received was amazing. We raised all the money necessary for his surgery!

After a stint at the animal hospital, Wonder recovered in a foster home, where his foster mom took excellent care of him. During that time, a woman named Olivia was touched by his story, which she followed on social media.

Olivia had once had a 3-legged cat, and immediately felt a connection to Wonder and his incredible story. When she and her husband met him at the Adoption Center in Asheville, it was love at first sight for all three of them!

Wonder jumped right in with the rest of their crew, which includes two dogs and a cat. He’s a perfect fit. Thanks to our compassionate fosters and donors, Wonder will get to live the wonder-ful life he deserves!

If you’d like to help our Henderson chapter save more animals like Wonder, please click here to make a donation today. 



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