Thank You for Saving These Mamas

Pregnant or nursing mothers and their babies are some of the most vulnerable animals we rescue and we’d never be able to do it without our dedicated team of staff members, volunteers, foster parents, and of course, you. Your support helps moms and their babies every single day.

Just this week, our Community Cat team came across two 10-day old kittens while trapping a large colony of feral cats in Fairview, NC. We quickly worked to place them into a foster home with one of our experienced bottle feeders… but then something amazing happened.

Just a few hours after we brought the kittens to safety, we were able to humanely trap their mother! The hard work of our team, paired with a flexible foster parent, meant we were able to reunite the family so the kittens wouldn’t be unnecessarily orphaned. With their mom, Maeve, to nurse and care for them, kittens Dolores and Wyatt will have the best chance of growing big and strong.

The bond between a mother and her babies is like no other. Mothers are fierce protectors, and this is true amongst moms of all species.

We weren’t planning to rescue cows when Sassy and her friends needed our help. You see, they were living on the land we purchased for our Sanctuary in Leicester, NC. When we learned that they were slated to be sent to auction to be slaughtered, we knew we needed to act. We negotiated Sassy and her friends into the purchase of the land so they could live the rest of their natural lives in peace. Much to our surprise, Sassy soon gave birth to a beautiful calf who we named Raina, and they have been inseparable ever since! Their bond is much like that of a human mother and child. Unfortunately, millions of moms just like her are trapped in the meat and dairy industry and never get a chance to bond with their children, who are taken from them soon after birth. We’re so grateful to have been able to give Sassy the chance to nurture her baby, and it has been our honor to watch them bond at our Sanctuary surrounded by love and compassion.

Tawnsey came to us with five other shy beagles when their caretaker got sick. She was heavily pregnant and soon gave birth to six beautiful babies! The little family flourished, and six adopters waited patiently for their pups to be ready to go home. When she was a month old, the adopters of Tabitha, one of the puppies, drove four hours from Georgia to visit their soon-to-be family member. They, of course, fell in love with Tabitha, but the dad of the family was instantly smitten with mama Tawnsey. In fact, the day after their visit, another application arrived in our email. The family wanted Tawnsey and her baby to stay together! Now a month after their joint adoption, formerly shy Tawnsey is living the life she always deserved, and Tabitha helps her be more confident in new situations. The adoptive family says “Maddie [previously Tabitha] pesters the daylights out of Tawnsy and she is so patient. Maddie takes away all the toys and Tawnsy seems to just roll her eyes. They are inseparable. They are both doing so well in such a short time. How did we ever get along without these precious gifts?”

Sage, a pot bellied pig, had been abandoned in a cemetery, where locals were using her for target practice. Sadly, one pig had already been killed by the time we were alerted. Sage and her three pigs friends mourned the loss of their friend and refused to leave his side. Their love and devotion allowed us to rescue them and bring them to the safety of the Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary. Shortly after their arrival, Sage gave birth to ten tiny, wiggly piglets. She was a fantastic mom right from the start, and all of her babies stayed healthy under her care. Many of her babies have been adopted and some are still looking for their forever homes. Because of your support, Sage will never again fear for her life.

This Mother’s Day, you can honor the special moms in your life by sponsoring our featured moms here. For a donation of $20 or more by noon Saturday, June 12th, we will send a personalized notification to your recipient that a special mother has been sponsored in her honor.

This will be a Mother’s Day gift that is sure to bring happiness to the mom in your life. Can you see the smile on her face, knowing that an animal in need has been helped in her honor? There is truly no better gift than to help another in need.



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