Spring Brings Great Hope

Dear Friend,

It’s springtime, and that means lots of puppies and kittens, of course; because of the very mild winter, we’re expecting record numbers this season. Lots of puppy breath and kitten-cuteness to be sure, but our animal care costs soar this time of year…. Yikes!

That’s why spring is always the time of year when I ask you to please renew your annual support of Brother Wolf. As you know, we receive no government funding– so it’s your individual donations that make this lifesaving work possible.

Lives like Barnaby here. This photo was taken the day he arrived in our care; can you look into his eyes and guess the kind of life he lived before coming to Brother Wolf? When we first met Barnaby, he was scared and angry, and for good reason– Barnaby had lived his whole life on a chain, with only minimal human interaction. We estimate he’s about ten years old. Can you imagine living a full decade of your life tied to a short chain? Worse, we learned that when his previous family moved away, they left him chained up in the yard to die. Thankfully, a neighbor saw him left behind and alerted us.

So Barnaby came to us very fearful, confused, and with no social skills.

He’d obviously never known any love, and didn’t know if (or how) to trust us. He would growl and snap at us whenever we approached his kennel.

Our Adoption Center Manager, Audrey, has a soft spot for fearful dogs. She was the first to try to connect with Barnaby. She’d sit still in front of his kennel, facing to the side and not looking directly at him. Occasionally she’d toss in treats, and each time, he’d bark and charge the gate. No matter what, she’d just remain calm and never react. Eventually, Barnaby would bark less and sample the treats. And soon, Audrey had him taking treats from her hand! That was about five weeks ago. Since then, Audrey has slowly introduced Barnaby to other staff and dogs in play

Adam, one of our trainers, says, “Barnaby will run up to other dogs in his play group, barking at them, and then get scared and run past them. He so wants to play, but he doesn’t know how!

He’s having to be taught just about everything about being a dog.”

In most shelters, Barnaby would’ve been deemed a “dangerous dog” and killed before anyone even took the time to try and understand him. He has a long way to go, and his rehabilitation will likely take several months, but he’ll get there. In fact, we’re hoping that by his two-month anniversary with us, he’ll be ready for a foster home!

Speaking of anniversary, did you know that it’s Brother Wolf’s Ten Year Anniversary this year? As part of our anniversary celebration, we’ve launched a new “behind the scenes” weekly e-newsletter called The Compassionate Circle. It’s chock-full of inspiring, heart-warming success stories like Barnaby’s above, and so many other animals you help save, all told by the folks—donors, volunteers, fosters, and staff—who help save their lives and give them hope.

You can become a member of our Compassionate Circle by becoming a monthly donor at just $10 per month or more. Monthly Donors are a lifeline to Brother Wolf.

Monthly donors help keep us best prepared all year round to help animals in desperate need like Barnaby, and like Amy here.

When Amy, a 1-year old cat with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), came to Brother Wolf in 2014, we didn’t think she would live much longer because of the way the virus had affected her immune system. And with her contagious status, Amy needed to either be the only cat in the home or live with other FeLV+ cats. As you can imagine, she wasn’t a popular candidate for adoption, even to the most open-minded potential adopters, poor girl.

Despite her challenges, I can assure you that Amy loved life. She wasn’t ready to give up. She became our office cat and would be there every morning at the door to greet us when we came in.

With a purr you could hear from another room and constant curiosity, Amy had a will to live that I had not seen in a cat before.

Your financial support made it possible for us to provide Amy with the medical care she needed, train our staff to recognize an appropriate home, educate potential adopters about her condition, and give continued care through the Lifelong Friends program – I’m very happy to report that Amy recently found her forever home! Sydney, Amy’s new mom, came to Brother Wolf specifically looking for a special-needs cat. “I wanted to adopt a cat that everyone else would just overlook,” she says, “and when I met Amy, it was love at first sight! She was drooling, she had food all over her face, she was a hot mess. But we loved her right away and knew she was the one.”

Amy is thriving with the love and attention from her new family. When she’s not cuddling with them, she enjoys playing, doing zoomies around the house, and chattering at birds through the windows. “Our home was lonely before Amy,” Sydney recalls, “but now she’s always there to greet us at the door, and she sleeps in our bed every night. Our life is so much happier now, we love her so much.” I adore this photo that Sydney sent of herself with Amy; hanging on a wall behind them is a plaque that reads,

“It’s never too late for happily ever after.” For Amy, it’s a dream come true.

We’ll provide an update on Amy and Sydney, and Barnaby too, in our Compassionate Circle e-newsletter in the next few weeks. So please be sure to sign up for your Compassionate Circle membership today.

*For our Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration, we have set a goal of 1,000 new Compassionate Circle members this year. As I write, we’re just over 500 new members– pretty good so far, but we’re barely half way there. So if you’re already a Compassionate Circle member, please consider giving a Gift Membership to our Compassionate Circle to an animal lover you know.

And there’s a bonus! Our ReTail store manager Brooke found a great deal on these beautiful commemorative mugs, etched with our ten-year anniversary logo. They’re really nice, and we’re giving one to each new member of our Compassionate Circle this spring. So sign up today while our supplies last!

On behalf of all our staff and volunteers and all the animals in our care, I thank you for making this lifesaving work possible and being a part of the future we all want to see.

For the animals,
Denise Bitz
President and Founder
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

P.S. If you give a monthly recurring donation, please be sure to include your email address on the donation form so you can get our new weekly e-newsletter. Happy Spring!


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