Sanctuary Partner: It’s Building Upon A No-Kill Mission

Andrea Martin, Deltec’s Project Manager, helps her clients build their dream homes — or in our case, a dream Sanctuary.

Before embarking upon this project with us, Andrea had heard about Brother Wolf, but had never met any of the people behind the work we do. “Working with Paul (Brother Wolf’s Executive Director) and Denise (Brother Wolf’s Founder and President) has been an amazing experience. I love their passion for the animals. Brother Wolf is saving animals all the time, and I just respect that so much.”

Andrea, who has a rescue dog of her own, has always been an animal lover. “I love being a part of this project,” she says, “because I know it’s doing something great for the animals. It’s not just building a building — it’s building upon a No-Kill mission.”

Click here to learn more about Brother Wolf’s No-Kill mission

“I’m personally learning a lot about what goes into building a veterinary clinic and what sorts of things each animal needs in their respective habitats,” says Andrea. “There are so many details to consider that will affect whether the animals have great environments or if the staff can do their work efficiently. All of it is being considered. I have been glad to see that Denise and Paul aren’t just talking the talk but are walking the walk as well.”

Click here to learn more about our plans for the Sanctuary’s Medical Center

Meeting the animals at the Sanctuary — particularly the pigs — has been an enlightening experience for her. “Meeting the sweet pigs has definitely opened my eyes,” she says. “Denise told me about how they’re treated in factory farms and it just broke my heart. Nobody talks about that. It’s just, you’re raised with bacon on the table. You buy it at the store, you eat it, you never really think about it, it’s just a part of the south. It’s just what you do. So when I met the pigs and learned about how they’re raised and treated… it just broke my heart.”

Click here to meet some of the pigs who live at the Sanctuary

“If it changes other people like it changed me, it will have a huge impact on the way we eat and how animals are treated in general. Meeting the pigs helped me understand that I didn’t have a clue about animal agriculture. It’ll be very beneficial — not just for the animals who live at the Sanctuary, but for all animals.”

I’m looking forward to walking the dogs and bringing them down to the dog park so they can play in the splash pool once the Sanctuary is complete,” she says. “Then going up to the cat cafe and getting a snack and watching the cats lounge in the catios. We’ll have so much fun walking the terrain, and just being outdoors wandering.”

Click here to learn about the Cats Village and here to learn about the Dogs Village

“My oldest son adores animals,” she says. “There are days when he just wants to go to the animal shelter to see the animals, even though he knows we’re not able to adopt any right now because of his baby brother. But he and his friends would benefit so much from the Sanctuary. I have always taught him that he’s at his best when he’s helping others — including animals — so, the Sanctuary will be so good for the children.

We’re over halfway to our Sanctuary fundraising goal and need your help with the final push! Click here to see a comprehensive overview of the Sanctuary, then click here to make a monetary donation or here to learn about Tribute Gifts and Naming Opportunities.


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