Polhamus Family Works Together To Save Cats

By Angela Henson, Foster Team Coordinator

The Polhamus family is made of several fosters who are very near and dear to my heart. Just over a year ago, Rebecca and her family applied to foster for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

They were on board to foster cats, kittens, pregnant mamas and mamas with babies. I couldn’t wait to get them started – little did I know, they couldn’t wait either! In less than a week they took their first foster home. And they haven’t looked back since. 

Their very first foster cat was an adult named Fizz. They took Fizz into their home when she was returned after being adopted with her sister. She was extremely depressed and shut down in our Adoption Center. The Polhamus family didn’t blink an eye and gave her time and space in their home. Fizz blossomed under their care. Before I knew it, they adopted Fizz! Took them less than a month to “fail” on their first foster!

The holidays were around the corner when we ended up with a litter of kittens suffering from toxoplasmosis.

According to pethealthnetwork.com, “Toxoplasmosis… is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be passed from cat to person, and it’s especially dangerous for pregnant women. This disease is caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite is transmitted through cysts, which are often ingested. The cysts can be found in contaminated water, soil, feces, blood, or infected animals. Mama cats can also give the parasite to their kittens. Cats with weakened immune systems, kittens, and senior cats are at greatest risk for toxoplasmosis.” 

Rebecca emailed the foster team and asked about what bringing kittens into her home infected with this would entail. We provided her with the facts and how to contain it, the family discussed it, and they took these kittens home! This family is dedicated to helping some of the most fragile lives we rescue.

In January, a mama cat came to us. She had recently given birth to kittens and was brought in because she had complications from the birth and her family was unable to provide care. Unfortunately, her kittens did not make it, but Twilight recovered and went on to be adopted!

Click here to read a story Rebecca wrote about her experience fostering pregnant cats

Then, Rebecca tore her Achilles tendon! This turned out to be a great thing for me! I had put the word out that I needed volunteer screeners for foster apps – and since she had nothing better to do at home, she volunteered to help. Rebecca is still screening apps for us and we couldn’t get through all these apps without her. Chances are, if you were approved to foster this year, you had the pleasure of talking to Rebecca. There are so many ways to volunteer within our foster program!

Click here to learn about our foster program

Rebecca’s husband, Chris, has even starting training with our Community Cat manager, Eric Phelps, to help him trap, neuter, and return the feral cats in our community. When they happen to catch the hissy kittens, the Polhamus family is ready to take them home and get them socialized!

Click here to learn more about Brother Wolf’s Community Cat program

I’ve not met many dedicated families like the Polhamus’. They have animal rescue in their blood. I love this about them. Not only are the parents fully on board, but so are all the kids. They are a true inspiration to me. Thank you Polhamus family for becoming part of the Brother Wolf family!


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