Pet Memorial: Khashie

By Denise Bitz, President and Founder of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

When I first started Brother Wolf ten years ago one of my first foster dogs was named Khashie.

He was a spunky little Australian Shepherd, and an active little guy. I was new to fostering and he taught me a lot about dogs who need constant physical and mental stimulation to stay happy. I found him, what I thought, was the perfect family. For many years, I would see him out and about in the community. They would come visit us just to say hello and to let us know he was doing well. Then, a few months ago, he was picked up as a stray and brought to the county shelter.

To my great dismay, his family never came to get him. I was positive that this was a terrible accident and that they would be there to reclaim him right away. But they never did.

We brought him back to BWAR and his physical state was pitiful. I broke down and cried when I saw him.

The young, vibrant, healthy dog I knew years ago was an emaciated, weak, older dog. And he looked so sad and confused.

What happened to his family? Did they not love him anymore? I was so very confused.

I eventually took Khashie home to foster and realized quickly this was a fospice situation. As a former RN who loved providing hospice care to humans, fospice care to animals was something I really enjoyed as well.

Giving an animal comfort, reassurance, and love in their last days is so needed in this world.

Khashie spent a few months with us and, I like to think, enjoyed his time with us and our pack of animals. Living at the Brother Wolf Sanctuary is something most animals would love, after all. There is a overall peace and feeling of comfort here- maybe it is the land-maybe it is the future intention of the use of the land.

One day Khashie let us know it was time to let him go. His frail, old body was tired. The last act of kindness I could show this sweet boy was to help him move on- and we did so while lying on the floor with him at home, and he went so peacefully. I was to grateful.

It is not very often that our rescues come full circle. But this one did.

While I will never understand how a family could no longer want their beloved dog, I am just grateful that I had the opportunity to care for him the last months of his life. And let him know he was very much loved.

If you’d like to share a memorial for your animal friend, please email with your story and any pictures you’d like to share.


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