Krypton Heals In Foster – and Finds Forever Home

By Susan Pyatt-Baker, Foster Parent

UPDATE: We’re so happy to announce that our dear Krypton has been adopted by his foster mom, Susan. What a happy ending for this sweet, goofy boy! We wish Krypton and Susan many years of fun, love, health, and happiness.

As a Brother Wolf foster, I’m kept up to date daily with the needs of animals in the adoption center who need temporary homes. I had seen Krypton pop up on the Brother Wolf Fosters Facebook feed and in Foster Fetch emails (Brother Wolf’s daily digest of animals needing foster).

He had recently had a tumor removed via an extensive (and expensive!) surgery that required skin grafts. It had resulted in a maze of stitches running down between his eyes and across the top of his snout. 

The posts about him said he needed a quiet foster home where he could heal from his surgery, with no small children or rambunctious dogs. When an animal strikes a chord with you, like Krypton did with me, you begin to closely follow their progress and story. I came to understand that he had been spending his days in the Brother Wolf offices above the ReTail store, with a rotation of staff members taking him home at night. It was clear that he was a sweetheart and that everyone loved him.

I had been fostering a litter of puppies, and as the weekend of July 4th approached I was sending the last one to her forever home. I saw another desperate foster plea for Krypton and my heart ached for him. I spoke with my husband and we decided we could foster him for a few nights since the holiday was gifting me with a 4 day weekend.

I commented on the Facebook post to say that we could take him, but my comment was misunderstood to mean we could foster him indefinitely. Whoops! Holly, Brother Wolf’s Foster Coordinator, emailed me to express her appreciation, and I just didn’t have the heart to tell her any different. Well, I guess she’ll know now!

Looking back at my comment, I have to admit that I hadn’t been clear about the number of nights I was able to commit to, but a very good thing came out of the misunderstanding. On Friday I took my last foster puppy to the adoption center and I came home with Krypton. Nothing surprises my husband anymore.

I hadn’t really been planning to take another long term foster until September because summer is the busiest time of year at my job, but it has worked out beautifully. Krypton is so easy going, just like our resident dog Poppy. They are good buddies and love to explore together outside.

Krypton’s stitches are out and he’s healing nicely. He’s house trained, loves to nuzzle and cuddle, and gives the sweetest little kisses. He enjoys barking at our goats, playing with his pink flamingo toy, and catching treats in the air. He gets so excited at feeding time that he runs and slides into the wall! My favorite is when I come home and his nubby little tail goes wild. How do I keep getting the sweetest, most perfect foster dogs?

They make everything and everyday better. I’m accepting the fact right now that taking a summer off from fostering will probably never happen in our home. And I’m really very okay with that.



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