Help Tigger Find His Forever Home!

Tigger, a 5-year old Shar Pei mix, has been at Brother Wolf for a year. Like many of the behaviorally-challenged animals in our care, the reasons why he was originally surrendered to us are the same reasons he has remained here for so long.

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For Tigger, the biggest issues that have kept him from finding his forever home are separation anxiety and resource guarding from other animals.

Separation anxiety causes this sweet boy to bark continuously when left alone. Though we have had some success with anti-anxiety medication and daily exercise, the anxiety he experiences when left alone will need to be managed by his future family. Unfortunately, separation anxiety is nearly impossible to manage while he is living in the busy environment of the Adoption Center. Tigger would do best in a quiet home with active people who will spend lots of time with him. Because of his tendency to bark when he’s alone, he’ll also need a home where noise complaints won’t be an issue.

Despite his habit of guarding resources like food and toys from other animals, Tigger has done well in playgroups with other dogs. If there are other dogs in his future home, a meet and greet will be required, along with a chat with our behavior team about managing food and resource guarding in a multi-animal home. We’re recommending him to be adopted into a home with no cats (he chased them in a previous home), but this may be flexible with an assertive cat and a family who is experienced with successfully introducing and managing dogs with cats.

Adam, Brother Wolf’s Behavior and Enrichment Manager, says “Tigger is so awesome, but his anxiety means that people have to commit to spending some real time with him before they can see how great he is. He generally gets along with other dogs (unless he’s on a leash, which causes him to be reactive), and he loves meeting people. He also walks well on a leash, but tends to bark at large vehicles.”

Even though it has been hard to work on Tigger’s separation anxiety while he’s been with us, he has made progress over the past year in other ways. Adam says “He’s still learning good manners when he’s around other dogs, but he had done well on Outward Hounds hikes. He has also been barking less recently, as he has been on a new anti-anxiety medication regimen. He’s a really great dog. He loves hikes, he does well in the car, he loves learning new tricks and doing nose work. When he finally finds his home, he will love cuddling up and spending time with his people.”

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Thanks to the Help Me Learn fund, our staff and volunteers have the resources they need to help Tigger become a healthier, happier dog. Please consider making a donation today to help animals like Trigger learn the skills they need to find their forever homes.


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