Dog Who Was Left To Die Finds Healing and Love

At around this time last year, we rescued a dog named Chocolate. He had been hit by a car then left to suffer under a mobile home for ten days until someone finally reached out for help. A patch of skin on his head and cartilage on his nose were torn off during the accident, and had become severely infected when left untreated.

Chocolate needed emergency surgery to save his life, so we rushed him to our friend Dr. David Crouch at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery.

There, he began a process that included excising diseased skin, seemingly endless antibiotics, wound care, skin grafting to replace his forehead, surgeries to repair his nose and cover an open nasal passage, and long hours of confinement and inactivity.

Through it all, he has remained playful, forgiving, kind-hearted, and well-mannered. According to his foster mom, Kim, he took all medications without resistance, knowing we were making every effort to get him well.

By September, Chocolate was ready for his forever home and we were able to find him the perfect match! “We were online looking at Brother Wolf’s website for a companion for our lab, Bella,” recalls Morgan, Chocolate’s new mom. “When I saw his picture and heard his story, I knew that we could give him an amazing life. He needed to have a place to run and be carefree. Our dog, Bella, is a great dog and extremely loving. There was no doubt in my mind that she would be a good playmate for him. We were right. They adore each other.”

According to Kim, Morgan and her family spent months preparing to add Chocolate to their home. “They kept up with his progress through posts and emails with me,” she says, “and we met them the day after he was released by Dr. Crouch and I cried tears of joy… it was meant to be. He now has ten acres to run and play on, a gorgeous home in a gated community, and a compassionate and loving family.

He gets the life he deserves!”

Despite everything he has gone through, Chocolate never showed anything but love and gentleness. “We expected to be adopting a broken animal who would be timid and take time to come around,” Morgan says, “but he was the complete opposite. He was always very friendly and liked everyone. He doesn’t care who you are, he wants you to pet him.

He’s not shy and he’s always happy to see you. He loves us and we love him. He instantly became a family member, and he’s exactly where he belongs. I can’t imagine life without him.”

Even though Chocolate arrived at her home more well-adjusted than expected, Morgan fully understands the amount of time, energy, and care that went into saving his life. “I want to give a huge shout out to his foster Kim,” she says. “I think she has one of the biggest hearts ever. I admire her work with her foster animals. I know it was hard for her to part with him.

It was sad to see her cry when she left him with us, but it also made me happy to see how much she loved him. I knew she had treated him as her own.”

In the end, we spent over $3,000 to get Chocolate the medical care he needed. Without the generous support from animal lovers like you, our partnership with Dr. Crouch, and Chocolate’s amazing foster mom, we never could have done it! Our community truly pulled together to save his life, and after all he has been through, Chocolate will now know nothing but love for the rest of his life.

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