Dog Rescued After Being Throw From Moving Vehicle

By Kelly McPeek-Mullins, Dickenson County Chapter Manager

Flan thought he was just going for a fun ride when he jumped up into the front seat of a truck in 2017. Instead, he was thrown from the moving vehicle by the person who was supposed to be his caretaker and struck by another vehicle while he laid helpless in the road.

Can you imagine his terror?

Thankfully, a kind woman who was also traveling that stretch of road saw the horrific accident and stopped to help. She contacted our Dickenson County chapter and stayed by his side until one of our knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers could get there.

“When I heard about what this dog had been through, I just wanted to help get him safe” says Brianna, the volunteer. “When I got there, I lifted him into my car with blankets. He was so scared of what would happen next. His entire body was shaking with fear.” Brianna transported him immediately to one of our partnered veterinarians.

We were surprised and relieved to learn he physically only suffered from some soreness and road rash. Psychologically, however, this precious animal was traumatized. He was withdrawn, depressed, and quivered when anyone pet him.

Foster mom, Diania, followed Flan’s story on Facebook page and offered to give him a safe place to stay while he recovered. When she contacted me about fostering Flan, I knew there couldn’t be a more perfect foster mom for him. She has so much compassion and patience, and I knew with her love, he would be just fine.

“I have loved animals since I was a young girl,” Diania says. “I have always taken in stray animals or those who were mistreated. I have always felt a stronger connection to ones who were mistreated or abused.” For the first few days, Diania spent hours just sitting near Flan and allowing him to decide when he was ready to come to her. Within 3 days, Flan began allowing her to pet him and she started taking him for walks. Those walks formed an unbreakable bond between Diania and Flan as he regained his trust of humans.

Flans also formed a strong bond with Diania’s 9-year old granddaughter, Cadence. “When Cadence comes over to visit,” Diania says, “Flan loves the attention she gives him. They spend a lot of time playing together.”

With the love Flan received from Diania and Cadence, he blossomed into a happy, loving dog who had completely recovered from the trauma and was ready to find a forever family. Diania says When Flan became available for adoption, I cried. I was so happy for him, but my heart hurt. It always hurts to say goodbye to a foster, but this time was different. He’d made his mark on me forever and I just couldn’t part with him.

It was clear to everyone that Flan was already home, and Diania quickly finalized his adoption. “Today, Flan is a healthy and active boy,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I can’t imagine not having him in my life. I am so blessed to be his fur mom.”  

While there wasn’t enough evidence to file charges against the person who threw Flan from the truck, we are so thankful to Diania and all those involved in Flan’s rescue.

If it wasn’t for our dedicated volunteers, foster homes, donations and caring community, we couldn’t save animals like Flan, and give them a chance at a life of love and happiness. Please consider making a donation today to help continue our work to make Dickenson County a No-Kill community. 




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