Community Came Together To Help Cat In Need

By Kelly Mcpeek-Mullins, Dickenson County Chapter Manager

When a tiny feral kitten named Choice showed up at Sleep Inn, Hotel Manager Amy Phillips knew she had to help him and reached out to Brother Wolf for advice. Amy and her staff were committed to making sure he had everything he needed to live well day-to-day, and we were happy to get him neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed. Together, we worked to make his life better. 

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Amy posted about Choice on social media, and something amazing happened: the Dickenson County community began to follow Choice’s story and became involved in his care — donating, toys, food, and a small heated house to keep him cozy!

“I think all the love and support shown to Choice since he came here is an awesome representation of how our community and Brother Wolf are changing the lives of animals in our town,” Amy says. “Members of the community stop in all the time to bring him food and toys.”

Choice is still learning to accept human affection, but has formed a bond with Amy. Amy said she earned his trust with patience and coffee creamer, his favorite treat.  “He can stay here as long as he wants,” Amy says. “He always has the option to come inside, but for now he seems to be happy with his heated house.” Through the cooperation of Sleep Inn, Brother Wolf, and the caring community, Choice will receive all of the love and care he needs. 

Partnerships between Brother Wolf, local businesses, and the community are very important to ensure animals like Choice get the chance to live long happy lives.

Brother Wolf’s chapters operate independently from our founding location in Asheville and we receive no government funding. Our rescue work is supported solely by donations from community donations, fundraising, and proceeds from our Second Chances thrift store. If you’re able, please consider supporting our work so we can continue to help animals like Choice lead the lives they deserve.

Donations can be made to the Dickenson County chapter of Brother Wolf through PayPal (, by phone at (276) 926-2314, or mailed to PO Box 1265 Clintwood VA 24228.

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