CBD Oil Offers Relief To Anxious And Arthritic Dogs

Update from Brother Wolf’s Medical Manager: “Last week, I discontinued giving CBD oil to the dogs in the study that we have been treating for behavior issues. This included four dogs who were only on it because they were reactive in the Adoption Center environment and very anxious. Without receiving the CBD oil, they have reverted to being reactive and anxious again, with barking, pacing, drooling, destroying bedding, etc. I believe this is enough evidence to show that these four dogs were  significantly calmer in this environment while receiving CBD oil, and we will be adding it back into their daily routines ongoing. Very interesting study!”

Dennis Putnam and his company, Silver Moon Nutraceuticals, recently teamed up with the medical staff at Brother Wolf to help a special group of challenged dogs by using cannabidiol (CBD) oil therapy. Silver Moon’s CBD oil is made from hemp, and can benefit both humans and dogs.

“We extract the oils from hemp flowers,” Dennis says, “then we blend them into various products such as tinctures, salves, and the dog formula.” The dog formula contains a few extra ingredients specific to canine health — like turmeric, alfalfa, and dandelion. According to Dennis, each ingredient serves an important purpose:

CBD oilRelieves pain, reduces seizures, and regulates the endocannabinoid system
AlfalfaHigh levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for proper cell functioning
DandelionDigestive regulation and liver health

Dennis had been developing CBD oil products exclusively for humans before a special dog convinced him to broaden his scope. “I had an older rescue dog,” he says, “who had developed arthritis. When it got cold he’d have a hard time walking at all. I did some research about dogs and CBD oil because I was already manufacturing it for humans. I reformulated it and gave it to my dog — within hours he started walking normally again!”
He began giving samples to friends who had arthritic dogs and found that each dog showed great improvement. “One woman had an 11-year old lab with arthritis so bad that he couldn’t walk anymore and was even urinating on himself. She had taken the dog to her vet, who recommended euthanasia. I gave her a sample of the dog formula, and he made a huge turnaround within two days.

He went from being on the verge of being euthanized to living a normal life!”

Once Dennis began to see these results repeated over and over, he wanted to help some of the most vulnerable animals he could think of: those living in the shelter system.

Rebecca, our Medical Manager, didn’t know much about CBD oil before she met Dennis to discuss how his product could give relief to Brother Wolf dogs suffering from joint pain, inflammation, and anxiety — but after a month of daily use, her team has seen some great results!

The trial started with nine dogs — three with joint pain, five with anxiety, and one with both.

“The dogs who are being given the CBD oil for inflammation certainly seem to be in less pain,” Rebecca says. “We have two dogs in the trial who had previously snapped at or bitten people in instances related to joint pain. Both showed significant progress within the first week of being given the supplement.”

Results for the anxious dogs have been harder to track, but Rebecca and her team have a plan in place to get the data they need. “We feel reasonably sure that the CBD oil is helping with the dogs who experience anxiety as well, but we want to rule out any doubt. That’s why we will be stopping the treatment for a week to see if any of the dogs revert back to previous behaviors.”

Out of the nine dogs given the supplement over the past month, only one of them didn’t react well to it. “We gave the CBD oil to Rosa to help with her anxiety, but in this rare instance, it seemed to make her anxiety worse rather than better.” She has since been removed from the trial.

“We have seen the best results in Tigger,” Rebecca says. “Before we began giving him the CBD oil, he was very reactive. He would bark non-stop at any person or dog who passed his run. He doesn’t do that anymore. He still reacts to certain people or dogs, but it’s not constant. The CBD oil seems to have made a huge improvement to his quality of life.”

If you’d like to learn more about or buy CBD oil from Silver Moon Nutraceuticals, visit their website at www.silvermoonnutra.com


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CBD Oil Offers Relief To Anxious And Arthritic Dogs
Update from Brother Wolf's Medical Manager: "Last week, I discontinued giving CBD oil to the dogs in the study that we… Read More
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