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After Many Months of Healing, Sandy Found His Forever Home
By Cynthia Drake, Foster Mom I first saw the foster request for Sandy and his friend Tee Taun on Brother ... Read More
Charlotte and Itty Bitty, Rescued From Life on a Chain
By Jamie Stillwachs, McDowell County Chapter Manager It’s can be hard to comprehend what it’s like for a dog to ... Read More
Mice Make Great Companions
By Rhi Banks, Animal Care Technician and Foster Parent Pet rats are all the rave these days, and their adorable ... Read More
Lifelong Friends Program Helps Sustain No-Kill Asheville
By Audrey Lodato, Director of Animal Care Truly believing there is a person out there for every homeless animal we ... Read More
Kittens with Feline Leukemia Looking for Home
Ocala (calico) and Tallahassee (tabby) were found outside when they were only a couple weeks old. Once they were old ... Read More
Puppies with Ringworm Need YOUR Help!
By Holly Amann, Foster Program Manager Ringworm. It’s an intimidating word that conjures up images of bald, patchy fur, scaly ... Read More
Teach Your Dog to ‘Retrieve’!
By Oona Ross, Behavior Assistant January is National Train Your Dog Month! Teaching your dog to retrieve can come in very ... Read More
Does ‘Puppy Season’ Exist?
By Holly Amann, Foster Program Manager If you’ve been involved in animal rescue at any point between the months of ... Read More