Artist Finds Creative Way To Help Hurricane Harvey Animals

Julie Becker Schantz was moved by the search and rescue work Brother Wolf did in Texas after Hurricane Harvey swept through last month and knew she wanted to help. “I was going to donate anyway, just whatever I could from my own budget. But I knew I’d only be able to do $25 or $50 on my own. I really wanted to do more.

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“I have a booth at Woolworth’s in downtown Asheville where I give henna tattoos every Saturday. I thought — well, I can give more if I raise money through my henna work. I devoted one Saturday to a fundraiser, where I would give 100% of what I raised to Brother Wolf.”

Unlike traditional tattoos, henna tattoos are temporary, painless, and applied with a plant-based, natural dye.


Julie first became interested in henna twenty years ago when she was teaching art at an elementary school in Miami. “One of my students came to school one day with a henna tattoo on her hands,” Julie remembers. “I had never seen anything like it before and I was blown away by how beautiful it was.” A couple weeks later, while in New York City, she got her first henna tattoo of her own. “I just totally fell in love with it and couldn’t stop staring at my hands. It was a simple piece, but I loved it so much.

After many hours researching the history of henna and practicing on herself and friends, she found some shops around town to work out of. After that, Julie quit teaching and just kept doing henna. She has been giving henna tattoos from her booth in Woolworth’s for a little over two years now.

“I give when I can,” Julie says, “and I wanted to support Brother Wolf because I know how hard you work. I knew you had people on the ground in Texas. I can’t go and help myself, I can’t physically be there. Supporting the work you were doing seemed like the best way to help.”

Using the hashtag #HennaForHouston in her marketing, Julie raised $220 to aid in search and rescue efforts after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area.

Brother Wolf receives no government funding, and relies entirely on grants and private donations from caring people like Julie to continue doing our work. Every dollar matters when it comes to saving lives! 

Visit Julie at Woolworth’s in downtown Asheville on a Saturday from 2-6pm to learn more about her craft and follow her on Instagram @ashevillehenna


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