Dear friend,

When Brother Wolf Animal Rescue was created in 2007, we were a small group of foster parents saving dogs from euthanasia and networking to find them homes. We had a little thrift store, a tiny budget, but huge hearts and an even bigger goal: to make Asheville a No Kill community.
At the time, over half of the animals in our county shelter weren’t making it out alive, and there were few programs to help struggling pet parents.

But working together as a community we’ve achieved some incredible milestones over the years:

This past year, we opened five new chapters in counties throughout the southeast to spread the skills and programs we’ve learned over the years.

We’re taking in hundreds of animals with complex medical issues — from ringworm, mange, and broken bones, to heartworm disease, feline leukemia, and cancer. And for those animals whose quality of life remains good but no treatment exists, our wonderful fospice parents care for them until it’s their time to pass.

Thank you for being a part of our circle of compassion. Brother Wolf is a mostly volunteer-run organization that receives no government funding, but working together we’ve saved thousands of lives over the years. We look forward to the lives we’ll save together, in the years to come.

Help us grow our circle of compassion for our 10 year anniversary to meet our goal of 1,000 new members!


Denise Bitz
President and Founder
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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