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Pet Memorials: Blackledge
Bill and Mary Ann weren’t expecting to add a cat to their family when Blackledge came into their lives in… Read More
Keeping Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Pets S...
Our Keep Me Safe Program Helps Save The Lives Of Domestic Violence Survivors And Their Pets According to the National Coalition… Read More
Leroy Learns to Love
For Leroy, the Key to Trusting People Was His Love For Other Dogs Behavioral challenges in the home are one… Read More
Historic Flooding in South Carolina: BWAR Responds
When Hurricane Matthew Flooded Parts of SC, Brother Wolf Was There To Help Our Rapid Response program acts fast in… Read More
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Fospice Care: Rascal, aka Dobby
The hard truth about working in animal rescue is that we can’t save them all. Occasionally animals develop or come… Read More
Dogs Out of the Shelter and Into the Woods
The Outward Hounds Program Gets Dogs Out of the Shelter and Into the Woods The Outward Hounds Hiking Club started… Read More
Help Me Heal: SubZero
SubZero Was Near Death When He Was Found in an Icy Creek; Brother Wolf Nursed Him Back to Health Brother… Read More
Volunteer Spotlight: Rosie
Without volunteers, Brother Wolf simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Last year, 3,000 individuals contributed over 55,000… Read More
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